Sunday, 16 September 2012

Verona, Italy

Verona, 16th September
Verona is home to the second largest colosseum in Italy, however, it is now a concert venue, so the feel is very different and far more modern. Verona's main attraction is the Casa Di Giulietta. The place where Juliet - of Romeo & Juliet - is thought to have lived. Her house is now a museum and her balcony can be seen in the picture of the courtyard. Underneath this balcony are letters that people write for Juliet to read and help them with their love life's. 

The Club Di Giuletta are a group of volunteers who read these letters and answer them on Juliet's behalf. Furthermore, you can see the bronze statue of Juliet. It is believed that if a person rubs her right breast they will have good luck and fortune in love.

Verona was one of my favourite places I visited in Italy. Its quaint streets and calm nature (in contrast to Rome) was beautiful to behold. I visited on a Sunday and resultantly many shops were closed, but the small town atmosphere remained. I believe that the real Italian feel was notable in this city.

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