Thursday, 1 November 2012


A weekend trip to Prague to celebrate my 21st birthday with Alys, Amy, Martin and Matthew

For us, Prague consisted of exploring and walking. However, no matter where we intended to walk we always seemed to end up in Old Town Square. This was the central area of Prague between Wenceslas Square and Charles Bridge. 

To the right is the Gothic Týn Church which was a notable feature from across the city. The picture was taken from the tower at the Old Town Hall which also offers panoramic views of Prague. Located in this square is the Prague Astronomical Clock - where many tourists and unfortunately pickpockets - cluster around to watch the clock display at each hour. At night the square lights up with more street performers than in the day!

On the day of my birthday we were finally allowed to cross the iconic Charles Bridge. This was reserved specifically for my birthday. However, due to birthday celebrations the night before - a stop at McDonalds was necessary to fuel the day! 

The main part of the day was spent visiting Prague Castle where the President of the Czech Republic resides. In order to reach the castle we had to climb a giant hill with boutique shops and restaurants either side. After we explored the Castle district at the top of the hill we walked back down it to explore the castle gardens. At this point we realised we wanted to find the KGB prison - which happened to be at the top of the hill again! On our two hour mission to find this prison we stumbled across a statue of Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler. Although this might not mean much to many, Matthew and I are physics students and these are two members of our field! In the evening, we had a ghost tour of Prague and even ended up meeting the Grim Reaper himself!

On our final day in Prague we visited the oldest building in Prague based in the Vyšehrad complex. Upon the hill on this side of the river we were able to see views of Prague from an angle not seen before. But, after walking from New Town to the Fort we needed a break to stretch our aching muscles.

For me, Prague was magical. The clubs were loud - and overly loving of Pitbull, the people were enchanting and the grey mist that cloaked the city gave it a very eerie feel. This was my first trip to eastern Europe and one that will start a long love affair.

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