Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Battambang, Cambodia


After our volunteer work in Cambodia had ended we were able to explore parts of Cambodia. The area we stayed during our project was called Battambang. At weekends and in the evenings we spent our time looking around the local area and visiting tourist sites. On one evening we went to the carnival - initially i was very against the concept of going to the carnival, who wants to see innocent animals tortured? This, however, was not an animal carnival but an acrobatic display of Cambodian performers. The show was magnificent and resembled the Cirque Du Soleil.

At the weekends we went to the local killing caves - as advised by the gentleman we stayed with. This was a horrible time in Cambodian history under the Khmer Rouge Regime - a time that still haunts many of the people living in Cambodia. Due to this terrible government 50% of the current population is under 22 years old. 

These caves were a haunting place with much history surrounding them and they deserve to be mentioned here for how fundamental they are to Cambodia as a country today. Near the killing caves was a mountain where many fields of Cambodia could be seen and many monkeys could be met.

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