Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Monaco is located about 40 minutes east of Nice. From this view you can see the entire race track used in the Monaco Grand Prix (including the swimming pool). When I first arrived in Monaco i walked this racetrack - the tight turns and the apex (when they leave the tunnel) would have never been fully understood if i hadn't! The photo was taken in old Monaco where you will find the Palais Princier. This is where the Royal family of Monaco currently reside and the surrounding area is filled with restaurants and shops.

This photo was taken in the Monaco harbour and features a few of the huge cruise liner yachts. When I walked past the larger yachts each had a cleaning crew working on board, but only one of the boats had its owner visible. Do these boats have a crew all year long that work everyday?

However, easily my favourite part of Monaco was Monte-Carlo. It really did stand up to its reputation for the glamorous. Monte-Carlo Casino was amazing with large rooms, high ceilings and gold leaf covering everything! Not to mention the chandeliers. Several shops were featured outside the casino including a flagship Chanel store.

Immediately next to the Casino was the Hotel Du Paris. This Hotel is infamous for its sophistication and class and judging by the cars parked outside, all the rumours about it are true!


Nice, France

This is the view from my hotel room over Nice at sunset. The tallest point is View Nice and below it is Old town in Nice. My hotel was located in the main shopping district in Nice, next to Louis Vuitton - a dear old friend of mine. This also meant the walk from my hotel to the beach took only minutes.

Old Town in Nice consists of small and narrow alleyway with restaurants and shops filling all available spaces. 

There are many churches in the area but mainly its ice cream shops. The narrow streets have a completely different feel to the rest of the city and the modern coastline.

To the left is Nice Harbour, the photo is taken from View Nice. From the other side of View Nice the coast can clearly be seen. The water is much lighter than further down the coast and a lot busier, even though the beaches are made of pebbles rather than fine sand!

In the central public park of Nice there is a fantastic water park, which was full of children enjoying the sun and the coolness of the water. There were also several areas where cold water was sprayed through vents in the ground to cool people down. This created a misty effect throughout the park which did look quite spectacular.

I have wanted to visit Nice since being a young child, however, the city wasn't what I hoped it would be. It lacked character and excitement. The people didn't have a rustic feel and the city itself was nothing to be in awe of.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Le Lavandou, France

Le Lavandou is a commune in the Var region in the South of France. The region where we stayed was approximately a ten minute walk from Le Lavandou, called Saint Claire. 

Le Lavandou harbour is immediately outside of the town and featured many large boats. The harbour had a faux rock wall which caused larger boats to dock outside the harbour. The town centre had overhanging trees with fairy lights (or twinkle lights) which framed the courtyard and fountains.

This is the view from La Fossett beach which is a more family orientated beach - a 10 minute walk in the opposite direction of Le Lavandou. However, this beach had much colder water! The sea is azure blue in every direction which is clearly shown in all of the photos.

The sunset over Le Lavandou harbour with pink clouds in the sky! I really enjoyed this sunset - particularly as I had passionfruit and raspberry ice cream to go with it!
Afterwards we returned to the caravan that we were sleeping in on the campsite - a week of communal showers as well as washing up and cooking.

Adam and I watching 'Petanque' (which is effectively super aggressive bowls) whilst waiting for the restaurant to open on our final night together in Le Lavandou.