Friday, 14 September 2012

Pisa, Italy

Pisa, 13-14th September
Walking into Pisa from the train station is a strange experience. Pisa is a normal town around a river, but on the skyline stands a giant tower that pokes over the tops of buildings. All the times I've seen pictures of the Leaning Tower of Pisa I have assumed it is slightly outside the city due to the excessive green fields surrounding it. Discovering that it isn't, was a strange start to the Pisa experience. The tower itself is fantastic - climbing it causes a very strange feeling. Although the slopes consistently go upwards, the leaning causes some of the slopes to feel flat and others to feel extra steep. This area is extremely touristy, with many locals avoiding it at all costs.

The Duomo by the tower was built to encourage acoustics that allow for Duomo singers to make some exceptional noises.

Away from the centre the tourist level drops dramatically and the real Pisa can be seen.

Finally, what would a post about Pisa be if a picture of people posing wasn't included.

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