Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Nara, Japan

Our first stop when we arrived in Nara was at a Vegetarian Japanese Style Restaurant. They had a set menu of vegetarian food and for the first time in Asia, they had brown rice! Our first course was a misuo soup and the second course was four small plates of assorted foods. Unfortunately, these foods were quite jelly like in texture and I only really enjoyed the salad. The owner was really friendly and asked which my favourite was. I panicked and thought I couldnt say the very English salad and just chose one at random. She then preceded to give me more of it! Our final course was fruit and another jelly texture cake, followed by Japanese tea. Although my enjoyment ofbthe food wasn't high - I did enjoy finally experiencing food in a true Japanese style, something I would not have been able to do at a normal Japanese Restaurant.

We then headed for Nara park - home of all Nara's famed deers. Matt got bitten on his back by some weird catapillar looking bug, fortunately it doesn't seem to have any effects on him! 

We then grabbed some ice cream and deer food so we could feed the deer that were just wondering everywhere! Obviously Matthew finished his ice cream way before me and got the deer food out. The deer then preceeded to chase him to try and steal it (clearly thought he was an easy target!) whilst he ran away screaming like a girl. After I finished my ice cream, I joined in the feeding - they were so cute and took the food so gently. I particularly liked how they would inappropriately head butt Matt when he wasn't giving it to them fast enough. The cute little Bambi was definately my favourite!

Finally we went to Todaji Temple - this was the largest temple we have seen whilst in Asia. Even the entrance to the temple was huge! In addition, the temple was very impressive in both size and grandeur. There was a giant Buddha inside and hundreds of holidaymakers snapping away.

Nara was a gorgeous little city, especially if you love deer!

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