Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Osaka, Japan

Although we stayed in Osaka for two nights, we only saw Osaka itself for one afternoon and evening!

Our first stop was Osaka Castle and the gorgeous parks that surrounded it. The castle wasn't quite as impressive as Himeji but still beautiful in its own right. I particularly like the surrounding moat! Rushed for time we didn't look round, only admired it from afar.

Matt and I had planned to go to a dog cafe in Busan but it was closed, fortunately we found another in Osaka. This cafe only had miniature dogs, but it was still worth a visit, especially as I have been missing my beautiful dogs. After a lot of searching to find the entrance (it appears map reading wasn't my skill today) we came across the doggy sign for "Dogs Tail Cafe". 
When we entered we paid 1000 yen (around £5.60) for 50 minutes with the dogs and a drink. As soon as we went inside all of the dogs were at our ankles, crowding Matt. We sat down and they all followed Matt, sniffing and licking his legs. A little black long haired dog was licking mine. Everytime I tried to stop him or a dog disturbed him he began growling and trying to bite - what a grumpy dog! The fogs were quite tierd and didn't want to play very much (I think we may have gone a bit too late) but they did want to sit in our laps and sleep. 
This was really cute and not something I am used to with giant retrievers! I also learnt that miniature poodles are really cute when they haven't had their face weirdly shaved! When we left we had to wake our sleeping puppies off our laps, even Matt didn't seem worried by them!

We then walked around the Dotombori district, which is Osakas flashy light area. It was amazing, so vibrant and alive and so many food places with giant moving animal (I.e. Crab) signs. Opposite was Shinsaibashi-suji shopping street. Considering the shops were pretty average, the street was very busy. In all in, a great afternoon!

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